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Stars and Places

A Peademont Entertainment Production

Stars and Places is a TV special that features stars of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Each TV special will take you to unique and famous locations and events while entertaining you with the highlights of each destination. You will learn what each place is famous for and see the attractions that draw people from all over the world. During each episode you will be entertained with music and family fun at events, concerts, attractions, night life, restaurants and places of interest that has made each place the place to be. Tune in each week to experience Stars and Places bursting with action and excitement!

Stars and Places first broadcast was in 1991. It has been aired as both a series and as a TV special featuring stars such as Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, legendary stars of yesterday, current stars of today and future stars of tomorrow. Stars and Places has featured destinations such as New Orleans, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Nashville, events, fairs, cultural and scenic towns, mountains, beaches and resorts throughout the USA.

Current episodes will have a positive focus on Stars and Places and will celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of small towns as well as famous destinations. The shows mission is to create excitement, stimulate the economy, show America still has lots of opportunity. Itís time to bring America some good news and bring back the American dream.

Stars and Places will offer opportunity to aspiring writers, actors, singer, dancers, instrumentalist and voices in a new segment of the show "Commercial Star USA", where you could become the next star of today.


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Welcome to our 20th season. 



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