PRODUCTION SERVICE : Industrial , Corporate, Broadcast & Video.

Our service includes Nuclear, Petro-Chem./Fossil, Shipyard Marine,Off Shore, General Construction ,Alternative Energy, News Feeds & the Public Relations industries - we can document your project from staging equipment, demolition, modification, completion, testing, startup & clean up.

 We are experienced in the  production of scientific and technical graphics, documentary photography, video programming, technical animation, and audio/visual communications and presentations.

Peademont works close with project managers to direct, plan and develop implementing, and administering Media-Service-related programs.

Your project photography, video & graphics communications documentation can be used for archives, project evaluation, safety training, job training & business development.  Serving Power Plants, Mines, Ships, Rail Cars, Drilling, IT, Maintenance, Modification and Manufacturers.

 PET  is a full service industrial video production company and multimedia production company that produces video, animation and graphics for broadcast television, streaming video, corporate video presentations. Our productions help our clients promote, market their products, train their employees and present their corporate identity to the world.

PET  VIDEO STUDIO : Production meets all Broadcast Standards . Edits & Master Tape Formats include 3/4 Umatic -SVHS - High 8 -  Beta SP - Digital 8 - Mini DV & DVCAM with single or multi camera shoots available.

PRODUCTION SERVICE - from concept to finished product PET will work with video production applications that include training and education of employees, clients and customers; sales, marketing, promotional presentations; and television advertising.  Business & Industrial video production is used by business, industry, non-profit organizations and government.

PROGRAMMING INVENTORY & SERVICES : includes Music Video - News Sports - Special Events - Fundraisers -Home Shopping - Energy -  Special Interest & more,

PROGRAM DELIVERY : via CCTV - Cable - Broadcast & Satellite ( C & KU ) Direct TV - Dish Network - Streaming Video.

Presentation Distribution - Radio, TV ,Ads, Infomercials, Electronic Press Kits, and Internet Programming. 

Talent Avails -  studio musicians, hosts & voiceover talent are available to customize your production.

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