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Channel Origination - Television & Entertainment Syndication 

Peademont Entertainment Networks can now Stream your program on the WWW.


Peademont Entertainment Television can offer your show/production to stations Local, Regional or National via Satellite, Cable, Broadcast Television, ROKU & Streaming Video on the WWW. We can test market your pilot or offer your series to Networks & Independent affiliates Nationwide.

Television Programming & Video is sold with a commonsense approach. PET understands that each production & market varies in interest, demo & buyer - seller situation. While each market and production is a different situation, good returns can be made for the buyer/station & seller/program.

Use the following formula to figure the potential return for you the producer.


Using Satellite for distribution cuts cost on tape format preference & stock cost. While transmitting your broadcast you can place National, Regional or Local advertising in your show & start your earnings here. This is step 1 income & building your audience to TVRO Stations ( homes with satellite systems ) can view your show. At this level your show / production is available to millions of homes that receive Satellite Television. There is more return to be made if you choose to encrypt your signal & sell subscriptions or offer your program as pay per view.

Broadcast Stations receive your program from Satellite record it & playback to fit their schedule. Broadcast Stations can sell local commercials. The program reaches yet another audience creating more viewership & value -  increased advertising sales for the local station -  more viewers to add value to your National or Regional advertising. 

( more viewers & advertising value )

Cable Stations can receive your program by either a Local Broadcast Station feed, Tape or via Satellite. Cable systems vary in subscriber numbers depending on the location. At this level the program is reaching yet another audience ( more viewers & advertising value ).

The numbers can add up fast.


For Example

At step 1 your Satellite Broadcast is returning ad sales income directly to you. 

Step 2. We negotiate with Broadcast Stations, Network and Independent to carry your Broadcast. 

Step 3. Cables Stations, CCTV, Broadband & Internet TV add to your coverage adding more value to your Ads.

 Independent Syndication Marketing & Network Syndication.= Peademont Entertainment Networks .

Syndication can be stronger than a single network, plus you control your show content.

PET will work hard to make your project a success. However there are no comparables, each project brings us a new situation.

Let PET go to work for you today & you could become a part of the ever amazing world of Television.

Return income is generated from cash sales or advertising shares per market.

Networks & Stations can depend on PET for quality programming with moneymaking opportunities & creative marketing that can keep your sales team on top of the competition.

Programs represented by PET are closely screened for quality, stability ,marketing strategies, talent, timely content,  entertainment & ethics. Delivered to fit your technical requirements.

The interest in both program buyers & sellers are priority. Television needs programming & programming needs television.

Program acquisition is available to markets in the USA, Canada & Mexico. We offer cash & barter acquisition.

Peademont Entertainment Television can" test market" your new show. We gather real time stats & data to support  sales & advertising on Peademont Networks including Broadcast, C Band Satellite, Dish Networks, Direct TV, and Cable .

From concept to "on the air" Peademont can publish your show website, produce your show, commercial or infomercial , test market and/ or syndicate with your customized package.

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Needed : Variety Television & Radio Programs -  CD's need for in house Radio Shows. 

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