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Ken Peade

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 In the 70ís as a teen Ken Peade along with a cousin Doug Francis revived the band name as The Stony Ridge Boys and started performing on WODI Radio in Brookneal every Saturday on Uncle Joe Johnsonís Farm and Fun Time Show. Popularity grew and this era of Stony Ridge went on to be the National Bluegrass Band of the Year, Vocal and Instrumental Group of the year getting a recording offer from RCA records. Stony Ridge was blessed with a lot of " destined to be " well know musicians who would come and go with the show. In the 80ís Tim Peade brother of Ken  reached the age to travel. This era of Stony Ridge along with Doug Francis and Ronnie Francis  recorded two Albums for John Palmer's "Grassound Record Label" with artists like Del McCoury, Mac Wiseman, Jim Eanes & The Shenandoah Cut Ups to name a few, which are now in the Bluegrass Legends listings and a 45 recorded called Country Morning which received much play from AM Giants like WSM, WWVA & on Dave Nemoís all night trucking show out of New Orleans. Stony Ridge was on the road with 200 or more shows a year. Stony Ridge music was heard during the first years of the Cantaloupe Festival in Halifax County when Bluegrass music was featured and on Fairs, Festivals, Colleges & Military tours.  Eventually most members grew up, married and settled into living here in the County. Ken then moved to Nashville worked recording sessions, around the Opry & toured with a lot of shows. In 1990 Ken got into television, music and entertainment business while still working with various shows,even though Peademont Entertainment was started in 87 while Ken was working out of Nashville. Now Peademont Entertainment books events, produces television and recordings all over the USA. The TV Show Peademont Entertainment (music, talk and variety) celebrated 15 seasons having been aired on ABC, PAX and UPN.

  It was inevitable Stony Ridge would have a reunion and entertain again. 

The family tradition continues as Stony Ridge shows include  - Ken Peade, Ronald Smith, cousin Doug Francis Julie Gilliam & Spider Gilliam. Stony Ridge still continues good vocals with tight harmony, a variety of musicand the most important piece to any show, good harmony & entertainment. 

COUNTRY SHOWS - Feature Classic Country Music - With great Vocals, Good Music & Entertainment.

Bluegrass Shows - Feature Bluegrass with a Drive, Good Harmony & Entertainment

Gospel Concerts -Feature Songs with a great Gospel Message

Stony Ridge is very humble & blessed to have had some of the best pickers & singers in the business to help out over the years. We appreciate all of you.

Ken Peade - Banjo,Guitar,Mandolin, Lead Vocals, Baritone & Low Tenor

Doug Francis - Guitar, Lead Vocals, Baritone &Tenor

Tim Peade - Mandolin, Guitar & Bass, Lead Vocals, Baritone & Low Tenor

Glenn Waller - Guitar, Lead Vocals, Baritone & Low Tenor

Ronnie Francis - Bass - Bass Vocals

Ben Wright Jr. Bass - Vocals

Robert Anderson - Bass

Spider Gilliam - Bass Vocals

Guest Vocals - Kelly Puckett, Julie Gilliam

Stony Ridge is available for Festivals, Fairs, Clubs, Churches & motivation sales promotions.

Former band members and guest players we thank for your part in this journey.

Guitar Players : Lester Francis, Dave Ratcliff, Clyde Bailey, Bill Bradley, Ken Peade, Kermit Wright, Norman Wright, Tinker Epperson, James Clay, Bob Thomas

Bass Players : Richard Woosley, Wimpy Doss, Don Shores, John Wade, E.T Conner, Ernie Sykes, Lynn Woodall, John Palmer, Roger Boothe, Jimmy Glass, Spider Gilliam, Ray Jordon, Gregg Williams, Kermit Wright, Russell Jordon, Pat Murphy, Ben Wright Jr., Robert Anderson

Mandolin Players: Norman Wright, Rick Allred, Eddie King, Ricky Riddle, Ken Peade, Ricky Ellis, Hershal Sizemore , Matt Allred, Dale Reno, Jay Kaczor, Travis Denny, Ronald Smith.

Banjo Players: Levi Epperson, Roy Norton, Ken Peade, James Bailey, Steve Dilling, Billy Edwards

Fiddle Players: Claude Tuggle, Earl Link, James Bailey, Joe Edwards, Buck Wade, Les Woodie, Derwin Hinson, Bob Thomas, Dewy Brown

Dobro : Jimmy Kidd, Steve Wilson, Derwin Hinson

We dedicate this site to our heritage of over 100 years of family musicians, our friends in radio, television, Grand Ole Opry & a special tribute to the late & great Bob Thomas who along with his his wife Shirl & sons Brian and Frank gave us a lot of support when we needed it most & our friends who followed and supported us at shows everywhere.

We also thank VA stations and announcers, WFLO - Henry Fulture, WMNA- Charlotte Wells - WKDE - Les Woodie, & WAKG FM 103 - "Truckin' Tom Miller" - The Country Sun Shine Tour for all their support on radio through the years.

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Ken Peade sings Christmas in VA. "Let's keep Christ in Christmas".

 Stony Ridge Music Samples



Bluegrass Songs


A variety of Picking & Friends.

Bluegrass Audio  ( Ken's Pickin' )

I'll go stepping too - Studio 

Medley Sample  - Studio  

Bluegrass Video

Living With The Shades Pulled Down - From TV Show - Ken & guests Steve Dilling & John Wade  

You Don't Know My Mind - From TV Show - Ken & guests Steve Dilling, John Wade & Doug Driskell

Ken's Country Songs

Following the Feeling   - Studio - Ken & Vikki

Say You Will

Did I Say Good By The Wrong Way

I Can't Get Over Loving You Last Night

Long Way To VA


Stay Tuned More To Come !!

Kenny & Kelly - Bio & Live music video samples

LOWER FORTY GRASS - 1979 Roger Boothe, Jack Mayes, Doug Francis , Ken Peade

One of the most entertaining shows of that era.

Live at The Dark Hollow in Montgomery, Alabama


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" Places Performed " (partial list)

ABWA - American Legion's East Coast - Amway - Berry Hill Resorts, South Boston, VA - Brookneal Festival -

Captain Staunton's Inn - Clarksville Festival - Country Caravan -

Church of God of Prophecy , VA District & GA ( Atlanta Area ) - Country Style , OK. - 

Easter Seal Society - Children's Miracle Network - Gladys Festival -

Grandview Lake - Halifax PA. Festival - Jaycees - Lions Club - MCM -

Old 97 Day - Rip Rap Festivals - Long Island  Ruritan's -

Sandy Beach Festival - Sheraton Inns - Stony Ridge Festival -

Halifax Hotel  - South Boston Harvest Festival - The Hilltop - The Lodge - The State Line

Thousand Trails, VA & PA - VA Beach - Lynchburg College - Longwood College - Farmville

 Fest - Flounder Bay  - State College, PA - Danta's - Highway - PA, Dan River Opry, Prizery, Liberty Fireman's Fest., 

Brookneal Day in the Town, Festival in the Park - Raleigh ,NC  & more 

Festivals, Schools , Concerts & Military bases . 

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