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The founder of Peademont Entertainment Television  is a native of Virginia. Ken Peade's interest in technology and his talent in music and broadcast has evolved since beginning in live radio at the age of 16 to performing up to 200 shows a year with some of the nation's top recording stars, television programs & events.

While enjoying the success of traveling, his interest grew in the fields of major fundraising, promotion for live concerts, radio tours, networking, record production, television production, commercial & television syndication & event planning.

While living in Nashville, Tennessee Ken had further experience being a studio musician, writer, Grand Ole Opry acquaintance with the Legendary Stars, creating Nashville on the Road and all the while polishing his talents learning from the best.

Over 20 years of entertainment business, record, radio, television, Hollywood film and music videos gives Peademont Entertainment Television the leading edge in technology, syndication contacts, event planning and talent needed to meet the ever-changing demands of the client.

Credits - Programs - Production - Appearances - Affiliates - TV - Movie - Video - Events

Recorded over 500 music sessions & themes.

Programs & Production has been distributed to millions of viewers & listeners in USA - Canada & Mexico

Appearances - Dark Hollow, Live in France, Thank God For Kids, Stars & Places, Hear Today, Somersby, Good Morning Va., Numerous News Casts, over 1000 Live Performances ,Music Videos & Fund Raisers.(record fund raiser over $10,000 in 10 min.in one Cable Market).

Peademont has the experience to serve all of your Multimedia - Entertainment - Production - Advertising ,Radio, Internet Television  Syndication & Event Planning needs keeping your Budget in mind.

Peademont  was one of the first to bring Satellite Television Broadcasts to South Central Va.

       Ken Peade


Ken is very diverse, knows the industry and has experience to take projects or events from concept to the finished product. Knowing all the parts of a project or an event creates a more marketable result. Even the best product or an event has no value until the public buys. Business development requires a competitive product, stability, promotion, and networking, finding your target demo, distribution and delivery to reach your potential buyers.

Ken’s diverse experience can help you sell:

Consulting, Coordination, Video Production, Creative Promotions, Broadcast Personality ( radio & TV ), Recording Session/Concert Musician ( banjo, guitar, bass, vocalist ), Music Teacher, Information Tech, Programmer, Syndication & Sales Professional, Microwave/Satellite Broadcast, Talent Agent.

While knowing the industry, entertainers, having the technology and contacts from years of traveling, networking and brainstorming with major networks about the procedure of channel development, program distribution, ad sales, subscriptions, encryption and program promotion. Peademont Entertainment was launched in 1985.

Television & Radio Syndication reached millions of viewers.

Ken’s music played to millions of listeners over the years.

Festivals, fairs, concerts, fundraisers & street events attracted thousands in attendance.

Media, Events & Productions can market towns & cities in America while stimulating the economy. We can create jobs for all talent wanting to work with new methods of showcasing each local to attract more industry. We should all promote domestic energy sources & power plants/companies.

A Partial List of Projects

Radio – WODI – mid day - format music – sold out commercials.
WMNA – Mid day & afternoon – production – sold out commercials –
Samons Cable TV – Gettysburg PA – Prime Time - Thank God for Kids – raised $10,000 in the first 10 min.
WAKG – Country Caravan --- carried live broadcasts & events to all the coverage area – sold out in all markets.
WSBV Radio – Station Manager – drive time & remotes – sold out
WSET (ABC) – Stars & Places – featured towns/events out of the City – featured top 10 Stars – Sold Out
WSET (ABC) – Annual Country Christmas – Scenes of Christmas in the Country – Stars Christmas Music – Sold out 2hr. episodes
WSET (ABC) Campaign 98 – Interviewed / featured regional candidates – sold out.
WSET (ABC) – Harvest Festival Preview Show – 5 years – sold out.
Galaxy 3 Satellite – broadcast to 200 stations & back yard dish – Stars & Places – famous places & stars.
Galaxy 3 Satellite – broadcast to 200 stations & back yard dish. Nashville on the Road “featured Top Country Stars “ Sold Out.
RCTV - Telestar 2 Satellite – 200 stations, backyard dish ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬-- featured Legends – Sold Out.
PAX TV --- Stars & Places – featured Stars of Yesterday & Today sold out to accounts out of the city.
PAX TV – Shop at Home Music – demo & introduce new music products. National Sponsors. Sold out.
Pax TV - Saturday Night Thunder – features from South Boston Speedway – sold out
Pax TV – Harvest Festival Preview Show -- 2
Pax TV – Halifax County Star Search 2003 – 20 episodes – sold out – audience vote (over 50,000 calls & e-mails)
WDRL – Peademont Entertainment, Harvest Festival Preview Show 5 years – sold out
DZTV – Produced a year of documentary video featuring power plant operations & rebuilds. Private views for clients.
M C & Hosted numerous remotes for special events, fundraisers & sales promotions.
Hosted March of Dimes with Tiny Tim live on stage.



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